5 Signs Your Roof Wasn’t Installed Correctly

1. Leaks

Leaks are the most dramatic and easy-to-spot sign that a roof wasn’t properly installed. The first few times it rains on your new roof, check your ceilings and walls for signs of water. These signs can include wet spots, dark patches on drywall, and drips or moisture on any surfaces. One of the primary functions of your roof is keeping out the elements. If rain is getting in, there is a problem.

2. Uneven Appearance

Smoooooth! That’s what you want to say when you look at your new roofing surface. There may be a problem if there are lumps, bumps, or irregular sections. Uneven surfaces create low spots where water can collect. These valleys can lead to significant problems down the road.

3. Missing Components

Your roof may seem like one large surface to you, but it is made of many parts, all of which work to protect your house and give your roof the longest life possible. When Utah roofing companies skip any of these components—possibly to cut costs—their customers pay for that in the long run.

4. No Attic Ventilation

Your attic is subject to extreme temperatures. It can get incredibly hot in summer and quite cold in winter. If the space isn’t properly vented, that trapped air means the underside of the roof is exposed to those extremes, which can affect the longevity of your roofing materials.

5. Mismatched Shingles

If the color of your shingles looks off, that’s another potential concern. It could be that your contractor mixed materials or batches to save money. That can mean that things don’t line up correctly, leading to problems down the line. It is also unattractive. For the money you spend on a new roof, you should get something that looks nice and cohesive.

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