5 Steps to Take When Your Roof Leaks

Step 1: Contain the water

The first thing you want to do is contain the damage. Put a bucket under any active leaks. If you can access your attic, try to ascertain where the leak is coming from and put a container up there so you can catch at least most of the water before it gets into the rest of the house. Check your receptacles frequently to prevent overflows if it is a heavy leak.

Step 2: Locate the source

That water is getting into your home somehow. Try to determine where it is coming in. Remember that water can travel along pipes or beams, so the origination point may not be directly above the visible signs of water intrusion. Also, keep in mind that you may have more than one leak. Don’t stop looking after you’ve found one water source.

Step 3: Cover the leak

Until you can properly address the problem, you need to prevent more water from coming in. Cover the leaking area with a weighted tarp. Pay close attention to the edges of the covering to ensure they won’t let wind-driven rain or snow into the problem area. Remember that roofs are dangerous and can be slippery when wet, so proceed cautiously if you attempt this.

Step 4: Dry affected areas

Now that you’ve stopped the problem from getting worse, you can work on drying out any wet areas. This will prevent moisture from wicking to new locations and should prevent any mold growth. Dry what you can with towels and rags.

Step 5: Address the Roof

All the above steps treat the symptoms, but if you stop there, you will likely be dealing with more leaks the next time it rains. For a permanent solution, you need to address the root cause of the problem. Contact a roofing company to perform a thorough inspection and give you an estimate for roof repair or replacement.

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