5 Considerations When Selecting Your Home’s Siding

So, the time has come to replace your home’s siding. How on earth do you decide what product to choose? Gray vinyl? Beige stone? Bright-red fiber cement? There are dozens of options for residential siding projects, each with advantages and disadvantages. The variety of available products is fantastic for homeowners. It means there’s an excellent option for every situation. However, evaluating all the siding choices offered by residential siding contractors can also be overwhelming. Sometimes, it can almost feel like you’d be better off avoiding the analysis paralysis that comes with so many options to choose from. We are here to help by breaking down the decision into five considerations to look at when evaluating siding options for your home

1. Appearance

Aesthetics are important. You want to love the look of your house and feel proud of it every time you arrive home. Curb appeal is also an essential part of a home’s value. That means the appearance of your siding should be a critical factor in your choice. Whether you go bold with unusual colors or mixed materials, or traditional with neutral colors that let your home’s architecture and landscaping take center stage, make sure you like the look of the siding product you choose.

Consider your personal preferences and the style of your home to find the product that will complement the other features of your house and create a pleasing appearance. A colonial or Tudor home might look great with brick or brick accents, while stone or aluminum might harmonize well with a contemporary building style. Because vinyl and fiber cement come in so many finishes and colors, you can find options in those materials that will work with just about any architectural style or personal preference.

2. Durability

You ask a lot of your siding. Siding contractors in Utah know it is essential to find a durable product that can withstand cold, snow, heat, wind, and rain. Wherever your home is located, make sure the siding options you are considering can withstand your local climate. A beautiful home is essential, but so is a watertight house. You want a product that will last so that you aren’t sitting down to consider options for your next siding replacement any sooner than absolutely necessary. Over time, durability saves you money and maintains the pleasing appearance you sought when you picked out your siding.

Residential siding contractors can help you understand how a specific siding product will fare in your weather conditions so you can make a choice that will be reliable and durable.

3. Maintenance

Most people don’t enjoy home maintenance and would prefer to spend their weekends golfing or going out with friends than cleaning and maintaining their siding. Consider a product’s maintenance requirements when selecting your siding product. Vinyl and fiber cement siding are common choices for homeowners looking for low-maintenance siding options. Wood, on the other hand, is beautiful but high maintenance. If not given the proper care, it is not especially durable either. A siding product that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep will keep your weekends free for relaxing.

4. Energy Efficiency

The siding product you choose can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, so add this to your list of factors to consider when evaluating siding options. An energy-efficient siding material will prevent heat loss in winter and cold air escape in summer. In many cases, getting an energy-efficient siding can be worth spending a bit more. After a few seasons of decreased energy bills, you may save more than you paid to put higher quality, efficient siding on your home.

5. Cost

You could choose a siding product that is the most beautiful, durable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient option on the market. However, all of those advantages come at a cost–a literal cost in dollars and cents. Unless you’ve just won the lottery, chances are you have a budget to keep in mind. It may be worth choosing a product that looks almost as nice or is only 5% less energy efficient if the difference in cost is significant.

Knowing your budget ahead of time will ensure you don’t consider materials that you can’t afford. Budget is a great way to quickly narrow your options, making your siding decision less overwhelming. Roof and siding contractors can help you weigh and understand the choices to ensure you cover the considerations most important to you and your home without spending more than you need to spend.

Narrowing the Field

Vinyl, wood, fiber cement, stone, brick, aluminum – so many options and that’s just the basic materials. Each of those can have dozens of different choices available. If you start by eliminating options outside your budget and then weigh the other four considerations on our list, you can make choosing siding for your home much less daunting.


5 Considerations When Selecting Your Home’s Siding


When it comes to residential siding projects, there are numerous options to consider. Evaluating these choices from residential siding contractors can be overwhelming. To simplify the process, consider the five key considerations in the infographic below.

5 Home Siding Features Infographic

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