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“Time and tide wait for no man,” according to Geoffrey Chaucer. We agree; some things just won’t or can’t wait: bathroom breaks, a 4-year-old’s urgent questions about dinosaurs, and sharing exciting news. And we can add “roof repair or replacement” to that list, too. Whether you have the funds or not, a leaking or failing roof can’t wait.

Sure, sometimes roof work is a carefully planned and scheduled event. But other times, you find yourself staring at soggy drywall and sagging ceilings, and the roof needs work. Right. Now. That means finding time in your schedule to call a roofer today, not three weeks from now.

It also means finding room in your budget. We can’t help you sort out a calendar full of work meetings, Scouts obligations, dance lessons, Little League, time with friends, dog training, and whatever else you have going on. But BigHorn Roofing understands the financial pressures that come with roof work.

That’s why we are a roofing company with financing options for our Utah clients. When the roof work can’t wait but the payment has to, turn to roofing contractors that finance. That way, you can get the necessary work before even more damage occurs without damaging your financial situation.

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How Does Our Financing Work?

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First, our polite, trained staff will work with you to understand the scope of your project and select your roofing materials. As we present your options for roofing, we can also show you possible monthly payments so you understand how each choice fits into a monthly budget.

Once you’ve made your final selections, we can help you apply for financing. We’ve partnered with a company that allows us to walk you through the application process and receive an answer at our office, usually within minutes. You can take care of everything immediately so we can get your project scheduled.

If you prefer, we have an additional financing partner. With them, you would apply independently rather than from our offices. We can facilitate whichever option feels more comfortable.

Regardless of which option you choose, as a roofing company with financing, we will work with you to get the repairs your home needs without finances standing in the way.

We have payment terms ranging from 12 to 180 months, ensuring there’s a plan that fits with your family’s budget.

Is a Roof an Investment?

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If your roof is failing, letting it continue to degrade causes additional damage. You could go from needing new shingles to requiring an entirely new roof deck. That’s a much more involved project and a more significant expense. You could also see costly interior damage or increased insurance premiums. Delaying roof repairs or replacement often doesn’t make financial sense.

A new roof will also likely be more energy efficient, decreasing monthly utility costs. That can help offset monthly payments if you finance your roof project.

Finally, your new roof will make your home exterior more attractive and will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Increased resale values are an excellent bonus for roof replacement projects. On average, homeowners can anticipate a ~60% increase in a home’s value compared to the original roof cost.

While a new roof isn’t an investment in the traditional sense, it can have financial upsides that offset some of the costs. On the other hand, postponing roof work can be highly financially damaging.

What About My Credit Score?

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FHA Title 1 loans, like those offered by our finance partners for home repairs, don’t have any minimum credit score requirements. Our lending partners understand that sometimes life happens, and those happenings can affect your credit score. They don’t expect you to have perfect credit. They typically provide loans to borrowers with credit scores above 620. If your credit score feels like a barrier to getting your home the barrier it needs against the elements, let’s discuss what we can work out.

What are Some of the Benefits of Financing Options?

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We know installing the same roof on every structure would never work. Each has unique features and corresponding needs. We understand that financing is the same–a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. That’s why you can tailor the payment terms to meet your needs and budget.

If you’d prefer to pay off the roof quickly, you can arrange for a shorter loan term. If you need to keep the payments as low as possible, longer-term financing with lower monthly costs would be better. Our staff will work with you to find the financing that is the best fit, just as they work with you to find the best roof options.

No Money Down

When you need roof work or replacement as soon as possible, saving up a sizeable down payment is not always possible. We understand the urgency of roofing and how that doesn’t always pair with the status of your bank account. That’s why our financing options include the ability to skip a downpayment.

You can have BigHorn Roofing begin work immediately rather than waiting until you’ve saved up enough money to put down a significant portion of the cost upfront. So, if you don’t have the savings to make a sizable down payment, that’s fine. You can still begin your project and end the ongoing damage to your roof and home.

Prepay? Always Okay.

There are no prepayment penalties with our financing. If your financial picture changes and you can pay off the loan early, we don’t think you should be penalized.

Other roofing companies with payment plans punish you for paying off your loan before the original date. They want to ensure the financing company makes the most money possible rather than doing what’s best for you. We made sure our finance partners don’t punish you if you want to pay off your loan early.

Deferred Payments

Because we understand that sometimes roofs fail without notice, we realize that just being able to finance repairs may not ease all the financial strain. If you need time to adjust your cash flow to accommodate payments, that’s not a problem.

We have financing options with deferred payments. That means you get the roof work your home desperately needs but pay nothing for 6 to 12 months. That buys you time to accommodate the unexpected expense so that you are ready when the first payment is due.

Can I Just Go with a Cheap Fix Instead?

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Don’t sacrifice quality roof work because cheap, temporary fixes are all you can afford right now. Sometimes, a quick fix leads to even more damage and more expense for the roof work and the damage to your home. You spend more overall because you feel you can’t afford the fix your home requires.

Don’t use unskilled, inexperienced contractors to keep costs down. They can do more harm than good, causing damage that costs even more to fix. They may also pull a bait-and-switch, luring you with deceptive, unrealistic quotes and raising the price after they begin work.

If affording the roof repairs or replacement you need is an issue, resist the urge to find cheap, low-quality solutions. BigHorn Roofing’s financing options mean you can still get high-quality roof services from a leader in the roofing industry without creating financial strain for your family.

The inability to pay for roof repairs, siding work, or roof replacement should not prevent you from getting the services you need to protect your home. Waiting can mean additional damage and massive increases in expenses. You can’t afford delays. With flexible payment options, deferred payment plans, quick application and approval in our offices, and a staff that will work with your budget to get the job done, BigHorn Roofing can solve your roofing woes and financial worries.

What Determines the Cost of a Roof?

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We decided to become a roofing company with financing in South Jordan and across Utah because we know that major roof repairs, siding replacement, and a new roof are all significant expenses. But what elements determine how much a roof replacement costs? Here are some of the factors that determine the price of your roof work:

Labor and Time

BigHorn employs only skilled, trained, experienced workers. We treat them well and pay them fairly because we feel that’s the right thing to do and because we believe that well-treated workers will treat our clients better in return.

All other items on this list will contribute to the labor costs. Every vent and piece of flashing takes time to install. The roof material you choose can increase labor costs if it takes longer to install correctly or decrease labor costs if it installs quickly.

Some companies will try to cut costs to increase profit or draw in clients looking for the cheapest quotes. When they do this by scrimping on labor costs, it is usually at the expense of experience. We treat our staff well and pay our employees fairly while staying competitive with our prices. Our GAF Master Elite Status is important to us; it means we perform top-notch work. We’d never jeopardize that by using cheap, unskilled labor and simply hoping for the best.

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Type of Roofing Material

A clay tile or slate roof can cost from $1,000 to $3,000 or more per roof square (a roof square is a 10’ x 10’ area that equals 100 square feet). On the other end of the spectrum, asphalt shingles can range anywhere from $450 to $750 per roof square.
That means you can get asphalt shingles for about one-fifth the cost of pricier materials like slate. As you can see, the materials you choose will be a driving factor in your overall price.

It’s important to note that not all roofing materials are equal. Some, like wood, require more maintenance. Your choice of materials will also determine how long you can expect the roof to last. That expensive slate roof might last 100 years, while the asphalt could need significant repairs or replacement in 20 years.

If budget is a primary concern, we can walk you through our most wallet-friendly options. Because we only carry high-quality materials, you can rest assured that even our budget-conscious choices will give you a beautiful, high-performance roof.

If you want a material that will last as long as possible, or you are going for a particular look and are willing to spend a bit more to achieve it, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Whatever your priorities, our staff will walk you through the pros and cons of all the options to help you arrive at the best answer for your home and budget. And because we are one of West Jordan’s roofing companies that offer financing, a lack of funds on hand won’t stop you from getting the roof you choose.


A penetration is anything sticking out of the lines of your roof. That includes things like air, gas, or plumbing vents, as well as skylights and chimneys. For each item, your roofers must create a water and air-tight connection with the surrounding roof materials. That takes time and additional components, which will contribute to the costs of your roof installation.


If your home is difficult to reach or inaccessible for some of our equipment, you’ll see an increase in the overall price of your roof work. The more challenging it is to access your roof, the longer the project takes. That means we must pay our workers more, increasing the project’s cost.

Decking Condition

If the roof deck (the wood surface onto which the roof material is installed) is in good shape, we can install the new shingles or roof material over the old deck. If there is a small amount of rot, we can address that by changing only a few affected boards.
You may need a new deck if there is widespread water damage, breakage, or compromised materials. Significant deck work will significantly affect the cost of your roof project.

Sometimes, it’s clear from an inspection that the deck is in rough shape. Other times, the damage is hidden under the current roof material. In those cases, the overall cost of your project could increase once we remove the old roofing material and understand the full scope of any deck work required.

If additional work creates budget strain, we can discuss options. One reason to work with roofing companies with payment plans is that you won’t find yourself in an impossible situation if an unexpected expense occurs.

We strive always to give you the most thorough, accurate estimate possible. Some roofing companies try to gain business by offering low estimates, intentionally leaving off items they know or suspect will be required. BigHorn offers competitive pricing, so we don’t need to trick you into choosing us. However, as conscientious as we are, occasionally unseen damage does change the overall price. When that happens, we will take the time to explain the changes. If necessary, we will also walk you through our financing options.

Dump Fees

Tearing off your old roof creates a significant amount of debris. This material has to go somewhere. The dump truck and disposal fees charged by the waste management facility are part of our project costs, which means they are part of the total expense.

The Pitch of Your Roof

A roof’s pitch measures how steep or flat it is. A very steep roof pitch makes a project more difficult. The project takes longer if workers can’t safely and efficiently move around your roof. That means costs will be higher than for a walkable pitch, where it is easier to access materials and move around the project.

Other Roof Components

The roof material may be the most prominent component of your roof, but there are other roofing system elements. Those contribute to the final cost.

These elements are critical to the functionality of your roof. Without them, your roof might struggle to shed water, not allow your home to breathe, cause increased heating and cooling expenses, let in unwanted pests, or lead to mildew or mold. Here are just some of the components your roof might need:

  • Decking
    Roof Decking is the wood surface on which your shingles are installed. Roof decking can be either boards or sheets.
  • Drip Edge
    A drip edge is the metal piece on the edge of your roof that keeps water away from the fascia. It prevents water from running underneath the other roof components and causing rot, mold, or degradation. Think of it like a small metal shelf carrying water off the roof’s edge, away from the structures underneath.
  • Flashing
    Roof flashing refers to the metal pieces that direct water run-off away from vulnerable areas on your roof. We already talked about a drip edge, one type of flashing. You may also find flashing in a valley where two planes of a roof meet, a chimney intersects with the roof, or a wall or dormer meets the roof.
  • Ice and Water Shield
    Ice and water shields are waterproof components used to protect against damage from water and ice. They shield the roof decking if water intrudes underneath the topmost roofing layer. The building code in many snowy places requires an ice and water shield membrane as part of the building code. Because we are a local roofing company, BigHorn is familiar with all the relevant codes for your Utah roof project. We can explain what is required and outline any potential additional protection options. And since we are a Salt Lake City roofing company with financing, we can discuss your choices and ensure they work into your family’s budget.
  • Pipe Boots
    Also called roof boots, pipe boots are flashing pieces that roofers place around the base of a pipe that protrudes from the roof. They look and function somewhat like their footwear namesakes. Just as a boot provides a base and then continues up the ankle, a pipe boot seals the point where the pipe meets the roof and continues up the pipe to create a more robust, water-tight seal. If not installed correctly, pipe boots can be a common source of leaks. Working with skilled, experienced roofing professionals who can properly install all types of flashing necessary for your roof is critical. Give those other roofing contractors the boot and call BigHorn Roofing instead. We aren’t just a flash in the pan; we have a proven track record of success and a list of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Ridge Capping
    A roof ridge is a horizontal line where two planes of the roof line meet, running along the entire intersection. Ridge capping is the trim that wraps over this junction to seal it and keep out the elements. Essentially, it is the shingles for the ridge. If your home has a complex roof with many angles and multiple ridges, replacing your roof will be more expensive. A simple “up and over” roof with only two planes and one resulting ridge is more straightforward to replace.
  • Underlayment
    Roof underlayment is a thin, fabric-like sheet installed on the roof decking. It sits between the shingles or other roof material and the decking, providing additional protection against water and drafts. Underlayment is either felt or a synthetic material. Synthetic is more durable, absorbs less water, and weighs less. It is also more expensive. However, the costs are similar, so it makes sense to use synthetic material in many cases. Saving money now might feel like a priority, but getting a more durable, longer-lasting roof might cost you less in the long run. Some clients would prefer to have the higher quality material but find the slight increase in cost challenging. As a roofing company with financing, BigHorn can help you find a monthly payment that works for your budget and allows you to make choices based on quality or what makes sense for your home rather than how much money you can come up with immediately.
  • Vents and Ventilation System
    Vents are what allow your home to breathe. Your home is constantly exchanging air. It pulls in fresh outside air and expels heated, moist air from the attic. This process helps your home stay cooler in summer and impedes mold growth. That means it is critical to get it right. Venting a home is an art form, and we insist that roofers working for BigHorn are virtuosos. They will understand how to create a system of active and passive vents that provide the necessary airflow. But they don’t stop there. Different types of vents not only function differently, but they vary widely in appearance, too. If you have a specific look in mind or want only lower-profile vents, we can work with you to ensure you get that. The choice of vents may affect the overall cost of your project. At BigHorn Roofing, we’ve spent more than two decades helping residents of Salt Lake City with their roofs. We will find a roof vent system that keeps your house healthy, provides the look you want, and stays within your budget.

While this list doesn’t include every possible component a roof might need, it covers the most common ones. Each of these, and the various types, styles, and materials available, will drive some of the overall cost of your roof replacement or major repairs.

As you can see, many factors go into the cost of your roofing project. We offer financing so you can afford all the elements your home needs. That allows you to make choices based on your preferences and comfort level rather than your wallet.

BigHorn has more than two decades of experience in the business and has completed thousands of projects. We know the roof of your home like the back of our hand. That means we know what it needs to operate well, keep your home healthy, and last as long as possible. With our financing options, you’ll know upfront the monthly costs of the roof you select. You can tailor your financing plan to fit your budget. You can find a monthly payment that is as comfortable as your home once protected with a beautiful, high-quality, energy-efficient roof.

Time, tide, and roof work may wait for no man, but BigHorn Roofing’s polite, knowledgeable, patient staff will happily spend all the time you need to understand your options for roof materials and financing.