7 Advantages of Using Vinyl Siding

Have you looked at the outside of your house lately? We often notice the fading flooring or the nicks in the walls as we sit inside. But, when was the last time you examined the siding on your home? Fall is a great time to invest in new siding to keep your home warm and cozy through the winter months.

There are many replacement siding options and all have pros and cons. For most applications, however, there is one clear winner. Let’s look at why vinyl siding is so popular and the ways vinyl siding beats the competition.

Easy Installation

The advantages of vinyl siding start from the first day any of the residential siding contractors in Utah hand you an estimate. Because it comes with predrilled holes, installation is easy. That keeps down costs because it requires less time. It also minimizes disruption since the workers complete the process quickly, leaving you to enjoy your revamped exterior in peace days before you might with other options.


Vinyl siding doesn’t just save you on installation costs. It also keeps materials costs low. Compared to wood siding or brick, vinyl is highly affordable, saving as much as $1000 per 1250 square feet compared to some alternatives.


Here’s yet another way vinyl siding saves you money. Over the long term, you will spend less on upkeep and repairs. With no treatment or staining required, you save time and money compared to other options. And because vinyl siding is long-lasting, you won’t be spending as much on repairs. Typically, the only regular maintenance needed is occasional cleaning, which is an easy project to do yourself or inexpensive to hire out.


With brick or wood, you could end up with termites or rot. These materials are also more prone to weather damage than vinyl siding. Siding contractors in Utah know that vinyl siding can withstand snow, and a homeowner in Nebraska can feel confident it can take a beating from hail. It also doesn’t warp or rust. That means no need to worry about or pay for expensive repairs.

Its extreme durability means vinyl siding often comes with a lifetime guarantee that may be transferable to future owners. If the storm of the century blows through and rips off your siding, the repairs could be covered. That’s great for you now and for resale value when you sell.

Energy Savings

Choosing vinyl siding benefits your bottom line on energy expenses and can help you feel good about your carbon footprint. That’s because it helps keep energy use down. Just like a warm blanket keeps you cozy in the winter, your vinyl siding acts as a protective cover for your home, keeping heat in during the winter and cold air contained inside during summer.

Some vinyl siding products may even qualify for energy credits on taxes. Vinyl siding is as eco-friendly as it is wallet-friendly.

Versatile Appearance

A pristine mid-century modern home needs different finishes than a restored Victorian mansion or a quaint Craftsman bungalow. Because vinyl siding comes in numerous finishes and colors, there is something to match any style. The right siding product is like a great Instagram filter: it enhances what you already have, making it even better.

There are choices to create a clean, modern look. You can add a splash of unexpected color. There are even vinyl siding options that look like stone or cedar.

That’s great for curb appeal and allowing you to feel pride in your home’s neat, cohesive appearance, no matter your tastes.

Curb Appeal and Home Value

When you look at your home, you want to think it looks great. You want potential buyers to think the same thing. With its stylish appearance, long life, and minimal maintenance requirements, vinyl siding gives a great, lasting impression.

Whether you are trying to impress the neighbors or the family looking to purchase your house, vinyl siding is attractive to home buyers for all the reasons we’ve discussed above. They know it will be long-lasting, easy to care for, and helpful with heating and cooling costs.

In addition to looking great, replacing aging siding with vinyl can add value to your home. Even if you aren’t ready to sell any time soon, that value will carry forward for years.

When the time comes to replace your siding, it’s hard to beat vinyl. With its many attractive features, vinyl siding is a choice you can be happy with starting the day it is installed and for years to come.


You can transform your house into the home of your dreams with vinyl siding. Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this construction and home improvement material comes in various colors, designs, and textures. To help you decide if it’s right for you, here are seven fantastic advantages to using vinyl siding in your residence.

7 Advantages of Using Vinyl Siding Infographic


7 Advantages of Using Vinyl Siding

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