How to Choose a Roofer for Your Next Project

The time has come: your roof needs to be replaced or repaired. But who do you call? Searching the internet for “roofing contractors near me” will give you the names of roofing companies, but how do you know which ones to choose or who you can trust with your project? Choosing the right roofing company is vital to the success of your project and your satisfaction with the outcome. We are here to help you narrow down the options. Let’s dive into our plan to ensure you make the best selection when choosing a roofer for your next project.

Look Online

Venture into the digital world to do some fact-finding. Several sites allow customers to post ratings and detailed reviews about their experiences, good or bad. Look for roofers with consistent, positive feedback.

Everyone has a bad day, and some people just can’t be pleased, so don’t be entirely scared off by a few bad reviews. Dig into the write-up to determine why they were unhappy. “I asked for a discount, and they wouldn’t give me one” is different from “They damaged my property and refused to answer my calls when I tried to address it, so I had to take them to court.”

Pay attention to how the roofing company interacts with customers on these sites. The way they address and attempt to resolve negative comments can show you whether they have a customer-centric approach to their business. If they are rude in response to unpleasant or unfair comments, you may have reason to be concerned about how they will deal with you if you have a problem or concern.

Seek Recommendations

Online reviews are helpful, but knowing when a five-star comment is real versus paid-for can be challenging. Continue your roofer selection journey by asking friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers who they’ve used. Regardless of whether their experience was good or bad, they can provide first-hand insights.

Ask specific questions. Were there surprises on the bill that weren’t thoroughly explained? Were the workers punctual and respectful? If they respond by saying, “There’s a Salt Lake City roofing contractor that I loved,” you’ll know that’s a company you want to consider. If the feedback is, “I had a terrible experience with a specific company,” that’s helpful, too. It can tell you who to avoid.

Ask About Experience

When chatting with potential roofers for your project, channel your inner five-year-old child: ask a lot of questions. Determine how long they have been in business. Are there types of roofs or projects they specialize in? How many jobs like yours have they handled in the last year?

You can even ask for examples of similar projects or customer reviews. While they aren’t going to point you to a review of a dissatisfied customer, their ability to provide a list of satisfied clients is meaningful.

Many businesses are both commercial and residential roofing companies. That’s fine and can mean their crews have a variety of experience and knowledge from which you can benefit. Be wary, however, of hiring commercial roofing contractors for a residential job or vice versa. If most of their experience is in only one type of roofing, proceed with caution.

Verify Credentials

You will be giving this company access to your property. You wouldn’t hand your house key over to any stranger who shows up on your doorstep before verifying why they need to enter your home. Treat potential contractors with the same level of caution. Verify their licensing and insurance before signing a contract. Ask to see copies of their licenses.

A legitimate, professional roof services company will happily provide these documents for your peace of mind. Hesitation to do so should cause you to question their transparency or compliance with industry standards and local laws. If they tell you they are insured but won’t provide proof, that’s not a red flag. It’s a giant red blanket warning you away.

Get Multiple Quotes

Using the tips so far, you should have whittled your list of prospective roofers down to a manageable number. Reach out to several companies that have passed all your previous tests. Gather free roofing estimates from all your short-listed companies.

These quotes should include a breakdown of your project’s costs, materials, labor, and other charges. This point in the process would also be an excellent time to ask them about their availability and projected timelines for the project. If one roofing company says your job will take two days to complete and another estimates two weeks, ask both of them about the discrepancy. Shorter isn’t always better if it means they will cut corners or don’t include some additional work that feels important to you.

Getting multiple quotes not only helps you compare roofers. It also enables you to budget effectively for the upcoming work.

Consider Finances

Some roofing projects are hefty investments. You may not have the cash on hand to pay for the entire project cost immediately. Look for roofing companies that offer financing. If your roof leaks or is damaged in a storm, you can’t wait to perform the work until you’ve saved enough money. Seek out a company that understands the financial commitment of significant roofing projects. They can offer financing plans that fix the hole in your roof without creating a gaping hole in your wallet.

Selecting a roofer for your project is essential, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our tips help you narrow the options and feel confident about your final choice. These steps will help you find the perfect professionals to service your roof. Your roofing contractor is your partner in ensuring the longevity and soundness of your home or business. Take your time, research, and then relax in the knowledge that you are working with a roofing company you trust.

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