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Provo, UT is the fourth-largest city in Utah and owes much of its current growth to its thriving economy consisting of shopping centers, restaurants, music venues, and boutiques, as well as companies like DieCuts with a View and VitalSmarts. In fact, the city was named one of the “Best Small and Medium-Size Cities for Jobs” in 2015 by Forbes.

Beyond the employment opportunities in the area, residents enjoy cultural events like America’s Freedom Festival at Provo and the Festival Latinoamericano. Homeowners in Provo also experience substantial amounts of rainfall as well as snow in the winter, making it necessary to find a reliable roofing company that’s ready to provide roof repair, roof replacement, or new roof installation.

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BigHorn Roofing is here to provide homeowners throughout Provo, UT with high-quality roofing repairs and new roof installation. We are proud to be a local, family-owned business with over 20 years of experience.

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