How can I know if I should just repair my roof or if I should replace it completely?

Does your roof need some TLC but you’re unsure what approach to take? In some cases, you may just need to repair your roof. In other cases, replacing it makes the most sense. Read on to learn some general rules about replacing or repairing your roof.

Marty Ford

Marty Ford

Marty Ford, President of BulletpRoof Roof Systems Ltd.

Recovering May Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be wondering whether you should repair it or replace it.

In most cases, it is best to opt for a roof replacement. However, there are a few circumstances in which a roof recovery may be a better option. For example, if your roof is less than 15 years old and only has minor damage, recovering may be the best way to extend its lifespan.

Additionally, if your roof is made of materials that are no longer manufactured, recovering may be the only way to repair it.

Finally, if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, recovering your roof may be a good way to increase its value.

Your Roof’s Age Matters

A standard composite roof lasts between 17 and 25 years. As the age of the roof approaches this range, it may be time to think about replacing the roof. If the roof has minor leaks and damages, a repair specialist is recommended. Installation quality also plays a factor in what approach a homeowner should take.

A poorly installed roof may be only five years old but can result in multiple future repairs. In this situation, it would be in the best financial interest of the homeowner to get the roof replaced as opposed to having to repair the roof every few years. We do not typically recommend a reroof job.

For one, the building code says you can only have two layers of shingles on a roof. If there are major problems that aren’t visible, like plywood rot, adding another layer just covers up the problem rather than fixing it. However, reroofing a house can be more cost-effective in certain projects.

CJ McConaghy

CJ McConaghy

CJ McConaghy, Owner of Three Tree Roofing.

Tiffany Homan

Tiffany Homan

Tiffany Homan, Property Manager at Rental Property Calculator.

Depends on the Damage and Structural Condition

There are a lot of factors to consider when replacing your roof. If you’re in the middle of a rainy or snowy season, it’s better to go with a repair approach compared to a replacement approach. Also, the amount of damage and the structural condition is a huge factor. If the structure of the roof is damaged it’s better to get a replacement. However, if the structural integrity is intact, a replacement is more feasible.

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