Should Homeowners Attempt to DIY Soffit and Rain Gutter Repairs?

Responsible homeowners are looking for ways to maintain their home while saving money. DIY projects and repairs can be a great way to upgrade your home in a cost effective way, but they carry some risk. When it comes to your soffits and rain gutters, is that risk too great? Find out what our experts had to say.
Tim Connon

Tim Connon

Founder, CEO & Life Insurance Agent of ParamountQuote.

DIY With Proper Experience

If a homeowner is experienced with basic home repairs, understands how to use ladders and safety equipment, then yes they should DIY it.

Now it also depends on how complex the repairs might be. If it is minor like cleaning the gutters or making sure the soffit panels are secure, then it should be no problem for a DIY.

Finally there is the time issue. How much is your time [worth] to you? Would you rather save your time and do something more productive while paying another person to do it. If not then you should DIY, but if you do then hiring a professional is a better option.

Depends on Your Skill Level

If you’re comfortable working on your home and have the right skills for the repair in question, my vote will always be to try the DIY route. It’s a much more cost-effective solution for simpler repairs like dents, loose screws, or minor clogs With basic tools (often already available in-home) and a couple good free online tutorials, you’ll be able to pocket labor costs and can take pride in learning more about your home in the process.

However, you obviously don’t want your attempt to save money to be in vain – it’s the worst feeling when you accidentally make something worse or don’t realize what you’ve done wrong before it’s too late. If your soffits are sagging or your gutters are rusted and cracking, the risks of DIY might not outweigh the benefits, especially when roofs and ladders are involved.

Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan

CEO & Co-Founder of moveBuddha.
Al Ruggie

Al Ruggie

Marketing Director at ASAP Restoration.

Anything More than a Simple Repair Should be Handled by Professionals

If the home is in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures, ice, snow, or other inclement weather then even the lesser issues that gutters or roofs might be experiencing should be handled by experts. The reason for this is because small roof repairs that go unattended can become major home renovations and restorations if water finds a way into the home.

For cold weather climates, a small roof repair that is done improperly can cause massive damage to the property when the weather changes. A single nail through the wrong spot on the roof can lead to ice dams and melt leaks happening inside the home when spring comes and the snow and ice melt.

For warmer weather climates such as in the southwest, if a soffit repair isn’t done properly it can allow not only the weather elements inside, but also vermin like roof rats that can wreak havoc once inside of the attic.

Ultimately, beyond causing more damage than intended, DIY soffit, gutter, and roof repairs can easily lead to a voided warranty for a variety of things, from a home warranty package to the one for the roof itself from whomever installed it last.

Think Twice Before Attempting Repairs Yourself

While cleaning them out yourself is no big deal, extensive fixes on those can get tricky. Messing up could lead to some pretty bad water damage or even roof issues down the line, which ain’t good.

Taking on big soffit and gutter jobs also means working up high without a safety net. Better leave those to the experienced pros who’ve got the right gear and know their way around those parts of a house. They can make sure the work meets quality standards.

Quality matters big time in real estate. Shoddy repairs might save you a few bucks but ultimately cost you more on your home’s value. Professional-level work helps maintain or boost what buyers will pay. So even though calling a contractor adds expense upfront, it’s often the smarter money-saving move in the long run.

Feel free to DIY basic cleaning and minor soffit/gutter repairs. But don’t gamble with big complex fixes yourself unless you know your stuff. Paying the pros is safer for you and your home.

Dan Belcher

Dan Belcher

Founder and CEO at Short Sale RE.

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