What Should You Do When You Notice Your Roof is Leaking?

Home repairs can be overwhelming and expensive if you don’t know how to handle them properly. Acting quickly and smartly can help reduce the damage to your home and belongings. Here’s what to do if you have a leaky roof.
Mike Larsen

Mike Larsen

Owner, Larsen Roofing.

Do You Have a Warranty on the Roof?

If you are noticing a leak in your roof, your first course of action is to determine if you have a warranty on the roof or not. Some homeowners might not know, because they purchased their home and haven’t dealt with the roof since moving in. However, most warranties are transferable, so odds are you have one. If under warranty, contact the company to have a contractor come out and fix the leak.

If your roof is NOT under warranty, then contact a local roofing company that not only does replacements but repairs as well. Many roofing companies no longer do repair work, as it isn’t as profitable as a complete tear off and replacement. But there are still roofers that will do repair work. Find one so you don’t have to waste money on a full replacement.

Have the roofer do an inspection to determine if there are potential leaks that could develop, as well as other roof issues. Use the inspection report to determine whether or not you should replace the roof.

Minimizing the Damage and Hiring an Expert

First of all, remove any furniture or valuables from the affected area to minimize the risk of water damage, and place buckets to collect the leaking water. Then, if there is a bulge in your ceiling due to the water buildup, carefully puncture it with a screwdriver and release the trapped water. It’s a good idea to take photos or videos of the leak and any resulting water damage because this documentation will come in handy when filing an insurance claim or working with a roofing contractor.

Finally, call a roofing contractor to assess and repair the damage. They have the expertise and equipment for safe and effective repairs.

Constantine Anest

Constantine Anest

Nick Seidel

Sales Rep and Roofing Contractor at Priority Roofing.

Four Actions to Take When Your Roof is Leaking

1. Try to figure out where the leak is coming from. Is it only leaking when it rains, or is it coming from something else?

2. Try to figure out how long the leak has been happening. You might have just noticed the leak. It might have been leaking for weeks, months or even years and just now breaking through into the house.

3. Determine the extent of damage. If the leak has been going on for a while and you are just noticing it, there might be rot, mold or other damage in your attic and decking.

4. If you are unable to perform these inspections yourself, contact your local roofer to help you with a free inspection. It is recommended by most insurance companies to inspect your roof at least twice a year. If the leak was caused by damage from hail or wind, the contractor should be able to educate and help you through the insurance process. If the leak was not caused by damage, the roofer should be able to provide at least a couple of options with various prices to fix the leak.

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